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Choosing the Right Website Builder

One of the hardest things when creating a business is finding the right platform for creating the right website blog or even the landing page if we want any online presence

After we find that Builder we have to find a platform that will be responsible for our email sequences and email marketing

In this article, I hope to give you some general review for my favourite biggest Platforms I have been using since 2008 and what conclusions reached in terms of:

Budget needed

Ease of use


Available features

As a digital designer, I had the chance to work with many different platforms for creating websites managing email campaigns and follow the statistics after the campaign is over


Wix is one of the most stable and trustful site building platforms.

I’ve been using Wix for years for my clients and three of my personal online portfolios.

Wix is a drag-and-drop based website builder that was created in 2006.

They have quite a few options from a free website (with ads of Wix), a simple, cheap plan for removing the ad and connecting a domain and all the way to having a paid e-commerce store depending on your business.

Wix integrates with most email services and has a built-in mailing service of its own called “Shout Out” which you can get if you sign for the “Combo” program for $8.50 per month.

In the period of over a decade working on Wix, I can say that They have done an incredible job improving everything about the builders and I can barely remember Whether I had any problems regarding the stability, crashing and ease of use.

Click funnels

Click funnels by Russell Brunson is one of the most famous platforms for creating landing pages and whole funnels.

It has a huge community of business owners and entrepreneurs that are very passionate about click funnels and helping new users are

The only con of click funnels as far as I concern is the fact with the price.

Click funnels have a few pricing programs when the cheapest one costs $97 for a month and it will give you 20 funnels, 100 landing pages, 3 custom domains, Courses and training.

So if you need to build a blog with a membership area or something more sophisticated than just a simple website, Will have to be the Platinum plan for $297 per month. It might sound a lot but don’t forget that in terms of a profitable business 300$ expenses shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.


WordPress is the most popular platform for blogs and websites with a lot of content.

WordPress is an open-source platform which means you can download it for free and you are able to install plug-ins on your WordPress website for basically almost everything you have in mind.

To create the WordPress website going to have to buy a hosting service and install WordPress on this server


If you’re unfamiliar with getting a server connecting it to a domain and installing a WordPress or any other platform on your server it could take a lot of time and effort just to get the WordPress on your server before you even start building your site

Has come to an understanding that in WordPress there a few ways to do anything.

If you want to create the thank you page you could create it by yourself within the WordPress platform or you could add plug-in (that in most cases cost money).

Usually, these plug-ins come with extra features like monitoring who has bought what and where did they come from, redirect customers to any other page or products, add them to a specific mailing list and so on.


You are completely in control of your content your website your membership area is in the files you upload to your server

In time WordPress got so purple The developers are constantly creating plug-ins and veins and extensions for basically everything you can imagine.

This way if a new technology appears it’s only a matter of A few months until some company will create the same till our event in a private developer will give something similar away for A low-cost and sometimes even free.

Builder all

BuilderAll is a platform for creating an online business.

It has a website builder very similar to the one Wix have, responsive blog builder. It has a mailing service called mailing boss which is automatically implemented inside Builderall. It has a mockup generator with a lot of mockups for ebooks, cell phones with apps, Computer screens and so on.

You could upload an image of the cover of your e-book and it will automatically generate an image with the mockup of your book.


Builder all is a relatively new platform and maybe this is why some users report crashes from time to time.

Personally I work with Builderall for two years and it has never made me or my clients any problems.


First of all the ridiculous price.

If you are a new business owner and you need to create a website or a blog or even a landing page and you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a platform, after paying the designer and the copywriter and your coach and your babysitter Builderall could be a great solution for a very low price.

The fact that this platform is new is also an advantage because the owners really want to make an impact and dominate the website building niche so they do everything they can to stay updated and have all the latest features in build a role as soon as possible.


MailChimp is basically known as a mailing service but in time MailChimp has created the ability to create landing pages and squeeze pages to collect emails.

Mail chimp is known for being one of the most trusted email services

If you are not sending spam and you don’t upload suspicious email lists your emails will probably not hit the spam box.

Convert Kit

Convert kit is also one of the most famous mailing services.

Unlike MailChimp if you would like to use convert will probably have to get site builder or a landing page builder and integrated with the Convert kit

The biggest bonus and convert get is the ease of use and in the convenience, in the way it looks and feels and behaves in terms of user experience and its interface design

There are many different side builders and mailing services we could choose from.

It basically depends on our needs and knowledge of how this thing works and the way that we feel the most convenient in order to produce websites landing pages blogs and newsletters as fast as we can and as professional as we can


in my opinion, if I had to create a blog but I had no technical knowledge whatsoever, I would definitely go with BuilderAll or ClickFunnels depends on my budget.

If I would have the technical knowledge and I like to install plug-ins I would definitely go on WordPress and buy my own server.

If I could I would get Plug-ins like “Thrive themes” or “Element” just to make things easier and let me work faster.

If I need to set up just a quick campaign together for leads or lunch a small project and test it. I will try MailChimp or Builderall and create just a small squeeze page with a few automated emails

MailChimp has even the ability to create a Facebook ad within MailChimp. This way you could create a very fast campaign all in one place.

If I had to create a member area website such as an online course or an eCommerce store, I would definitely go with Builderall for a small budget and WordPress where I’d probably have to buy and install tools and plug-ins to make it all work (especially if I’m no coder).


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