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In my humble opinion, it is one of the most underestimated social media with over 330 million active users and still growing.

Personally, I use it for much more than just a social network.

For me, Pinterest is one of the most primary inspirational resources. Whether I need to design a logo and a website or a game interface, interior design and even the ways to arrange your closet. I even have a board for books I liked.

Pinterest is packed with inspirational materials for every subject. Some of them even lead you to tutorials on how to design, how to decorate or whatever you have in mind.

Pinterest was invented for having the ability to save a specific webpage and arrange them in groups which are called Boards.

Much like the favourites of your browser only with the images.

In this era of information overload, I literally can’t think of any other better way for saving and arranging information online.

I’ve tried Evernote, pocket and Google keep and they’re all great but for me, personally, it took me too much of an effort trying to understand how do I save a clip or an article or just an image or a whole webpage.

there is something about the simplicity of Pinterest that makes it so unique and saving so much time instead of trying to learn a new app like most of them.

There’s a chrome extension for making a pin online. So we can save pages from almost any website, even "Shutterstock" and It’s available on any device with the Pinterest app

You can create a secret board if you’d like to keep something to yourself or share it with the world and even ad tags to get even more exposure. Another amazing thing in Pinterest is the ability to share boards with other people.

It’s great for “online brainstorming” where few people could share ideas from different resources into one board.

Influences share boards with other influences so they will maximise the traffic to their pin, driving all of their audiences to each other’s blogs and websites.

A lot of people think that Pinterest works only for a specific niche like home deco but the truth is that Pinterest works the best for blogs, handmade crafts, inspiration and information like tutorials and DIY, we can actually find almost every subject from motivational quotes, to marketing strategies. I highly recommend everyone start using it, get inspired by it and let it help you organize your online life!

Visit my Pinterest page and let’s connect and share some inspiration.


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