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How (the hell) did I write a book?!

having a demanding full-time job, raising 2 little girls and a bearded dragon!

Time manipulation techniques

My biggest challenging struggle since I could remember myself was always time! Obviously, it escalated dramatically since my first child was born.

I felt like there’s so much dead wasted time in which I could do so much but I’m stuck doing this certain thing like driving or feeding the baby...

How can I create something when I work during the day, coming back home for a second shift (the kids), after finishing the baths and the bedtime stories I find myself in the living room having dinner with the wife at almost 22:00 pm. Obviously, these “tired” times after a long hard day of work and kids, are not the ultimate times to write, to design or start creating anything at all.

One day I was going through Apple iPhone’s iOS features and I saw that there are accessibility features such as reading text for you and transcribing your speech to text!

I felt like I’ve discovered a gold mine!

Apparently, if you enter your General -> Keyboard settings on your phone, you could turn on the dictation option to allow your iPhone turn everything you say into text.

Suddenly I could do 2 things at the same time like driving and talking while the iPhone would automatically transcribe it and make it a text.

It can be an article, a post, a text message or any other text I needed to write. As I entered my car I entered the doc I was working on, press the little mic button and start talking.

Of course, it’s not flawless and I still need to convince myself to get up on these late “tired” times and go edit my writings but it’s much easier than to try to convince myself to go ahead and try to create something from scratch.

This way I used my most productive time of the day like the morning to write and create! And I started using my “tired” time to edit so I wouldn’t need to think too much...

I even started to reply to emails and messages much faster since I don’t need to wait till I get to the computer and can just talk on my way to no matter where.

There’s a discussion going around four years about a subject that is called “time management”. Obviously, we can’t manage time but apparently, we can manipulate it! 😜

Just like computers evolved into “dual-core” to give the computer the ability to calculate things twice as much at the same time. In time “quad-core” to have it x4 times faster.

Gary vee once said that his way to produce content is by recording himself on a video, whether a meeting or a speech for YouTube. Then takes the sound out of it making it a podcast. Transcribing the sound into text making it an article on his blog, a few sentences for Twitter and a few images from this event to Instagram. This way he creates around 30 pieces of content from one meeting or one speech... that’s some i7 eight-core latest mechanism right there!

No one is Gary vee and most of us don’t have so many meetings and speeches every day but I personally went from having nothing to writing:

“Marketing Creative Hacks” book, articles on medium, writing a blog and lots of other different projects and all because of this little mic button!

Seriously now, how much talking are we all doing during the day?!

Every one of us could easily “talk“ a book about any subject every other week…

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