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Playtika Global Creative Summit

On March 12th 2019, I had the honour to speak in front of so many interesting creatives, copyrighters, artists and animators at the Global Creative Summit at Playtika.

I've transcribed the speech for those who'd like to read it :) and added the links of the things I talk about at the end.

Hope you enjoy it!

"Is it on?" "It’s on…"

Hey, I’m Mark Zusmanovich and I’m on a monetization designer in "Slotomania".

Today I wanna talk about Colour Issues in different cultures and how different places in the world interpreted colours differently.

Originally I’m from the advertising industry.

It is nothing like “Mad Men” nothing at all. I learned, in these dark years of mine, at least I’ve learned something.. that the way to promote any one of these global companies is very different from the way to promote it in the united states or Europe or far east.

This is one of the most famous Marlboro ads. on the right is the United States ad. Iconic and super familiar with Marlboro. This cool cowboy chilling with his horse.

The left picture is a Chinese Marlboro ad and besides the hat maybe and the general idea of cool smoking they are very unseemlier the colour is the background the great Chinese wall obviously there is this Oriental local guy to make Chinese relate to it obviously with the great wall but other than that.. they are very different

Did you know that branches in Europe of McDonald’s are green?

This picture was taken in Sweden and basically McDonald’s started, because of this, Health awareness issue The start of the change their brand completely from red to green but for some reason, it was stuck on Europe and the rest of the world remain red for now

If you entered McDonald’s websites from the knighted states you will see a completely different promotional banner from what you will see from the United Kingdom

The right image is from McDonald’ which advertise doughnut sticks and bacon and the left once talk about "Mozzarella Dippers" and this Signature collection of some chef or whatever.

The colours are very different the approach is very different obviously the target audience is very different

I have a question to make what do you feel when you see a red?

“Morning” “blood” “love” wow Alice... “food?” “pressure” that’s right... so what happened?

How does a small room of people interpret colours or the same colour so differently?

So apparently different people interpret the same colour differently you must be saying well thanks “Sherlock”, now what?!

Well… It starts with nature. poisonous animals and plants are usually coloured with red and yellow to warn us not to eat them so it’s natural to us to take these colours into danger signs and warning signs

But then evolution came along and Intime different cultures create different interpretations whether because of the traditions landscapes and religion so what is read in China?

Well apparently red in China means happiness good luck celebration and prosperity while we think that it’s so obvious that black is the colour of the funeral and white is the colour for weddings Not in China

Black in China is associated with the mortality knowledge and stability which is the only explanation for this weird weird bizarre black burger

White on the other hand in China is associated with death and mourning, something you would wear for the funeral and weddings

look like that Red and black

It would be a complete disrespect to show up in the Chinese wedding wearing white and on the funeral wearing red and this kind of combinations

While we think that green is the colour of health Peace growth and luck and St Patrick’s

Some see green as the colour of greed jealousy and envy like the green-eyed monster story

Green could also be a Holly colour like in Islam green means prosperity peace good life mentioned in the Koran is the colour of the clothes of people of paradise this is my Mohammed used to wear green and most of Mohammed’s paintings are coloured in green

So different cultures interpret colours very differently they don’t even name the same colours the same way. while in English there are 11 name colours in Russian there are 12

  • The surprising pattern behind colour names around the world


So how do we deal with that in slots?

These are random players from the Slotomania Super Group. as you can see one is from Canada the other one is from Mexico chilli the United States the United Kingdom and New Zealand. so we have what is called multiple audiences which means one product for different target audiences so how do we…? what do you do?

The way to fight it is by variety. obviously whoever likes the American theme will go play the American theme and whoever likes the Chinese team will go play Macau nights.

we have these awesome, awesome themes and every machine brings you into a whole world of colours and emotions and they are so completely different one from another and carefully picked and the monetization designers are trying to get very loyal to the machine itself.

Seth Godin once said “Don’t find customers for your products find products for your customers” Seth Godin is one of the biggest marketing Gurus of our days with 18 bestselling books or something so I think that this is exactly what we’re doing here!

Thank you!


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